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SportingSmiles is a Brookfield, Wisconsin certified dental lab run by a dentist with more than 30 years’ experience. The company offers six different mouth guards to help alleviate your problems due to teeth clenching and grinding. The dentist’s supervision not only ensures quality craftsmanship but also guarantees you’re receiving FDA-approved products. Each guard is free of BPA, BPS, DEHP, and latex.

The company offers models that can match your comfort needs as well as the severity of your teeth grinding (bruxism) or clenching. The lab offers affordable guards that still deliver quality results and provide the protection common with custom mouth guards.

Reviewers across the Web are typically happy with their guards, regardless of the model being used. Most say that the entire process – from ordering to molding and receiving a final guard – is quick and stress free. The guards are also comfortable for most, with just a few reporting discomfort or issues with the size of the guard.


Product Features

SportingSmiles offers six different guard types to best fit your various needs for protection and comfort. Each guard comes with a molding kit to let you create impressions at your home.

The current mouth guard types are:


1. Single Hard Teeth Grinding Night Guard.

SportingSmiles went after the super-thin and super-tough design with its single mouth guard. The guard uses just one 1mm-thick layer of a hard laminate. It protects against light teeth grinding and made especially for those who have trouble sleeping with bulky mouth guards in pace. It fits either upper or lower teeth and offers the same thin design for each.

This is one of the more popular models and also one of the best received. Users say that it offers significant protection – especially compared to store-bought models – while still staying small enough that it isn’t distracting. Users who say other guards caused trouble with breathing or snoring found this guard to have a low-enough profile to not cause those concerns.


2. Soft Teeth Grinding Night Guard.

The soft guard from SportingSmiles uses a single 3mm-thick layer of a soft laminate. The clear guard is designed for heavy teeth clenching but only light teeth grinding. The guard is designed to support either top or bottom teeth and has been reported have a very snug fit.

This has the fewest online reviews of all the SportingSmiles guards, but users are satisfied with both the fit and the protection. Because of the options and designs, this guard is best left for users with severe teeth clenching and not those finding much discomfort from their grinding.


3. Dual Laminate Teeth Grinding Night Guard.

This guard is developed by combining two separate materials into a single mold. The model uses a 1mm-thick soft interior laminate to provide comfort for your teeth, while a 2mm-thick external laminate protects the guard and your teeth.

The guard is designed for moderate to severe grinding and can protect against light clenching. The guard is developed using a pressuring forming machine which SportingSmiles says will create a tighter fit that mouth guards created with a normal vacuum formation process.

Users with moderate to severe teeth clenching should look into other guards such as the flexible super hard models. Most people are happy with the fit and protection, though some have said this is too hard to comfortably wear at night.


4. (Most POPULAR!) Custom Flexible Super Hard Dental Night Guard.

This is the strongest guard offered by SportingSmiles and is 3mm thick. The company says the material used is relatively new and advanced, offering flexibility while being extremely sturdy. It will hold up against the most severe grinding and clenching, but its flexibility makes it more comfortable than the dual-laminate models offered.

The interior of the guard will remain soft to cushion your teeth and prevent pain from the guard itself. Users report that it can be a bit stiff at first, but overall they’re happy with the fit and the protection.


Back-cut Versions (#5 and #6):

Both the dual laminate (#3), and the hard flexible guards (#4) guards, can be made in thier “backcut” versions. those version are only available on for the upper teeth. It will make the guard less noticeable and ideal for wearing the guards during the day time –

5. Dual Laminate Teeth Grinding Day Guard – BackCut

This dual-laminate guard is constructed the same way its SportingSmiles’ night guard option. The main difference is that day guards are only available for the upper teeth and are cut in a way as to be less noticeable and less bothersome during daily activities while still providing you with quality protections.

Again, the 3mm-thick guard uses a pressure forming technique for improved fit.

Customers report wearing it during both night and day, saying it is beneficial while at work and prevents them from grinding during their sleep. The biggest concern people have is that it does not provide cover for their front-most teeth. This is actually due to the cut of the guard and its design for daytime use. If you’re looking for an option to sleep in, avoid the back-cut designs and select the guards with “Night” in their name.


6. Custom Flexible Super Hard Day Guard – BackCut.

This version of the custom flexible guard has been cut to offer additional comfort for use during daily activities. It maintains the super tough material and its flexibility, allowing it to be comfortable enough for use at the office or school.

The guard still protects against moderate to very severe grinding and clenching. Day guards from SportingSmiles are only available for the upper teeth, but this allows you to have the best fit while still being able to talk and go about your day.

Users have reported being very happy with the guard and its fit. At least one user found it to be so nice during the day that they purchased the nighttime version as well.
Since the company offers so many guards, choosing the right one typically breaks down like this:

  • Severe grinders with major clenching problems should pick the Hard Flexible guard because of its strength and protection. Match the option to whether you want to wear your guard at night or during the day.
  • For heavy grinding and moderate clenching, choose the Dual Laminate guard that best fits your needs for either night or day time protection.
  • If you clench but only lightly grind, select the Soft night guard.
  • If you have a small mouth or trouble using regular guards and only grind lightly, pick the Single Hard guard.

Once you’ve selected your mouth guard option, SportingSmiles will create your unique guard by first sending you a molding kit to create a home impression of your teeth. The kit comes with all you’ll need as well as some very clear instructions. Most users say the kit is easy to follow and takes only one try.


Creating Your Impression

Steps to creating your impression are:

  1. Clean your teeth! The mold works best when you’re freshly brushed.
  2. Adjust the tray so it fits to your mouth. You can pull the tray to make it longer or make it smaller by snapping off sections at the rear.
  3. Mix both of the impression materials together until they have a uniform color. This should be done in about 15 to 20 seconds.
  4. Roll the material into a finger-like tube.
  5. Press the tube firmly into the tray and then press the tray into your teeth.
  6. Leave the tray on for about four minutes and try not to move or touch the material until it hardens.
  7. Remove the impression tray and return it to SportingSmiles with the prepaid postage.


Common Questions

  • How long does the process take?

The company says it will take around two weeks, but most users report that it took closer to three weeks for them to get their final product.


  • Is upper or lower better?

Most people prefer upper guards because they irritate the tongue less. Others find lower guards easier to sleep with because it is less likely to irritate the throat. For daily use, only upper options are available to help prevent any issues with speaking.


  • Can children use these?

Children under the age of 16 should not use any kind of night guard that is ordered online. SportingSmiles says dentists should create these guards because of the changing nature of young teeth.


  • How long do I have to send the kit back?

The putty lasts for more than two years, so you can hold on to it for a while. However, the company will only make your guard when you send the putty in, so send it in sooner if you want your guard sooner.


  • How safe are the products?

All of the products are BPA, BPS, DEHP, and latex free


  • Is there a guarantee?

SportingSmiles offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. They will create a new guard free of charge, but you must send the original back to get the second guard.



Cleaning The Guard



Users are very happy with the quality.
There’s no foul odor or taste to the putty.
The different guards offer protection for must bruxism sufferers.
The materials are strong but still allow ample room to breathe and sleep.
There’s a satisfaction guarantee as well as a safe materials guarantee.

Guards are much cheaper than what a dentist offers but more durable than the store-bought competition.

Customer service is initially quick to respond.



Some users have reported that the fight is not right and SportingSmiles doesn’t seem to improve the fit on re-made models.
Customer service can be hard to reach after initial contact and some users say they were never able to resolve their issue.
The company does not specify that some guards are for daytime use, causing customers to purchase the wrong guard and feel pain in their front teeth when using it as a night guard.
Some of the lighter guards wear out quickly.

Some models are too thick and cause issues sleeping.

Lower models have an overlap that may agitate your tongue.

(Mixed con) – The mailed kit does not supply a phone number for the company but the company does have its number posted online in its contact information.


About the Maker

SportingSmiles is a dentist-run dental lab in Wisconsin. Like many labs in this market, it offers a variety of mouth guard and teeth products. Its other product lines include mouth guards for sports, most of which have very high ratings, helping improve the outlook of the company in terms of being a safe bet.



Final Recommendation

SportingSmiles offers a six models that all have high praise. After matching your need to a model, it is a recommended option based solely on the reviews from around the Web.

Users say that they may be a little on the bulky side, but durability and comfort on the teeth themselves seem to outweigh this common issue. Again, the guards are on-par with a dentist office’s guard but come in at a much lower price.


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