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Full Review has created three high-quality custom mouth guards to protect your teeth and jaw from grinding concerns. The site, run by the professionals at the Sparkling White Smiles lab, offers multiple models to meet the different protection needs you have. Its three custom guards can accommodate different levels of bruxism as well as provide options for both upper and lower teeth guards, depending on your preference. guards give you relief by providing a cushion between the upper and lower teeth with varying degrees of strength and comfort. The process to get your own custom mouth guard is as simple as placing an order, using its mold kit, mailing the mold off and receiving your new guard in the mail to “sleep happily ever after.” also has a series of other partners that use its mouth guards. The Sparkling White Smiles lab behind the site says it currently creates guards for dentists, oral surgeons, neurologists, ENT physicians, physical therapists, pain management doctors and chiropractors.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Features offers three different mouth guards for your use, recommending different guards based on the severity of your bruxism and whether or not you clench your teeth as well. The three models include:

  • The “Soft Flexible .12-inch Night Guard” (Soft);
  • The “Hard Acrylic .08-inch Night Guard” (Hard);
  • The “Extra Durable .12-inch Pro Form Custom Dental Guard” (Extra Durable).

The Soft Model

The Soft Model is recommended for users with light to moderate teeth grinding but does not stand up well to teeth clenching. This model uses plastic that is just 0.12 inches thick and is relatively soft and flexible. The rubbery plastic allows it to absorb light grinding without damaging your teeth; the small size helps you breathe and sleep through the night. says these Soft guards usually last between 6 months and 3 years, though many reviewers say that you should expect closer to the 6-month lifespan.

Since some users like the flexibility of this material, has also added an option to make the guard slightly thicker to increase its durability. also offers a thinner version of this guard for daytime use. The thinner version of this model has been too thin for some.

Users report many good things about the feel and comfort of the guard. However, many reviewers say that the guard does not last long or withstand heavy grinding.


The Hard Guard

The Hard Guard is not quite as thick as the other guards but it is made of a tough acrylic that is designed for very severe teeth grinding. The plastic is rigid so you don’t make much of a mark in it as you grind. The guards can last between 2 and 5 years; few reviewers online provide feedback after two or more years so it is hard to verify this lifespan. The guard does seem to help those with severe cases of bruxism, but some find its weight and density to be tough to get used to initially.

If you’re chewing through this one and most other guards, you can double the thickness of the guard to help it last longer. This doesn’t double the price, so it can be a decent value if you’re a very heavy grinder. This guard also can be used as a daytime retainer, though can also make a thinner version that it markets as a daytime option.

The only downside users have reported is that it can be too large and may keep the mouth open at night because it doesn’t have as much give as the other models. Users seem to prefer this for the bottom row of teeth.


The Extra Durable Model

The Extra Durable Model  is designed for the mid-range of bruxism, covering moderate to severe teeth grinding. It uses a strong laminate but pairs it with a tough absorption material to withstand grinding without doing damage to the guard. This guard is what recommends to patients who clench their teeth. It has an inner layer that is softer and will cushion your teeth and gums to prevent damage.

The lifespan for this model is 2 to 5 years, but again this is hard to verify. The Extra Durable guard doesn’t have any option to add thickness but it does have thinner daytime version available. This model is among the most popular and generally has positive reviews online. While few have issues with size or comfort, the vast majority are pleased with how it feels and the relief it provides.


How Molding Works creates custom mouth guards by sending you a teeth impression kit so you can make the molds used to create your guard.
This saves a lot of time and money on your part since you don’t need a dentist’s office to create a mold for you.

The entire molding process takes about 5 minutes. Once you get your kit, simply unpack all of the materials and look at its photo-friendly directions. The kit comes with two putties for you to mix and roll into a hotdog shape. Next, spread the material on the upper and lower impression trays. Bite into each impression individually and then mail those impressions back to the lab.

Most people say that the impressions are easy to make and don’t cause any problem. Some don’t like the feel of the materials so they chose to wear gloves when mixing the putties.

The company also provides you with a prepaid return envelope so you’re not out any extra cash to get your mold to the lab and get your final, custom guard. also guarantees that its mouth guards are safe. The company uses FDA-approved materials and techniques to produce its mouth guards. Specifically the company states that there are no BPA traces, plasticides or latex in your guard.

Common Questions

  • Does it have a guarantee?

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return the product you don’t like for a full refund or an exchange within 30 days of the receipt of the custom guard.


  • What if I messed up?

You can contact the company if there was an issue with the impression you made. It says 97% of customers get it right on the first try but it will work with you to get a second impression made. Customers report this process to be somewhat mixed; some report great customer service while others say it took weeks to get replacement putty.


  • Can I return it used?

You can return the product you don’t like whether it’s used or unused. You just have to be within the 30-day window of when you received the final product. Simply ship it back to the company’s Milwaukee address.


  • How long does it take?

You’ll get your impression kit within a week of your order and it takes just about 15 minutes to create the impressions. After that it’ll take a few days for the mail to deliver your impression to the Sparkling White Smiles lab. You will get your custom guard within 10 days of them receiving your impressions.


  • What are my options for extras?

In the ordering process you can select additional features such as a variety of guard cases, quick shipping and a supply of dental appliance cleaners. The cleaners will disinfect your guard to reduce any odor and also provide a cleaner taste.


  • Do I choose an upper guard? Lower guard?

That’s up to you! Most customers prefer an upper guard because they’re easier to adjust and don’t irritate the tongue as much. However, some have said that the lower guard for the Hard model is best because it is easier to sleep with than the upper guard.


  Users are overwhelmingly satisfied with the guards they receive.
  The company’s claimed success rate of 97% of users being able to create proper molds seems accurate based on consumer reviews.
  The different levels of support and customer molds create a high-quality offering that protects users from clenching and grinding.
  It is more comfortable than most boil products; often more durable too.
  There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  Guards are made in a dental lab and use only hypoallergenic materials approved by the FDA.


  The guards can be too large for some and prevent users from closing their mouths as they sleep.
  Some people report that the teeth molds are too large; the company is willing to send replacements with smaller molds for these users but this adds time to the process.
  The Extra Durable model is not always as durable as the Hard model; the inner layer can become damaged by heavy grinders.
  Some users have received the wrong guard in the mail, both the wrong impression and the wrong model type.

About the Maker

Sparkling White Smiles is a company that develops different teeth and healthcare products. It is a dental lab that works with other dentists and specialists creating custom guards or other appliances for a variety of patient types. The company also makes a wide range of whitening products, all of which appear to be FDA approved. The company has developed a wide range of products with high reviews across the Web, especially on Amazon.


Final Recommendation is one of the most-recommended custom night guard brands on the Web and its customers continually report having good experiences with their guards and the company. It seems like a safe bet and the guarantee makes that almost a sure thing. If you have any questions about your grinding needs, consult a dentist first. Otherwise, choose the best guard for your level of grinding. If you like the company and the guard, it also offers the ability to order duplicate guards at a reduced price. This can help since your teeth are unlikely to change and they cut the cost of the guard by roughly 50%.

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  1. By: Jacques Ruah
    Date: September 30, 2014 at 3:04 am
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Ease of Molding
    Customer Support

    Simply spectacular. Had 2 custom made by my orthodontist and this one is MUCH better and cheaper. DO NOT hessitate to make one if you need or THINK you need one.
    Congrats Teethnightguard.

  2. By: Gayle Witham
    Date: February 19, 2016 at 10:47 am

    I grind almost all the time. My mouth is very small. Dentist suggested orthodontia. I am 63 and can’t afford it. I have already paid for ortho twice for my kids. Now I am retired and want to stop grinding my teeth. I will not use that dentist again.

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