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SleepRight offers a set of no-boil custom dental guards that use a patented self-adjusting technology to provide a comfortable protection against grinding throughout the whole night. The company has four models that are designed to fit your bite, mouth size and the severity of your clenching or grinding.

The guards use a system of bitepads that fit between your upper and lower molars in order to fit securely in the natural space between your teeth. It also helps keep your teeth from shifting in alignment. The system is boil-free but uses the natural heat from your mouth to make sure it is properly shaped, adjusting as you sleep.

The company is one of the few that recommends wearing the guard before you lie down for the night. By putting the guard in for 30 to 60 minutes before you sleep, you’re helping to train your mouth not to bite down on the pads. Not only does this improve its function during the night, but it also helps you stop daily clenching and grinding while awake.

The goal is to develop a conscious feeling of keeping your lips together and your teeth apart. This waking thought turns into unconscious effort as you sleep. The company says it also establishes accountability if you check the guard each day to see how much you are biting. This will create a mental picture of your nightly activities and may reinforce your efforts to keep your lips together and teeth apart.

Ultimately it is a behavior modification technique that may help you overcome the problem and eliminate your need for a night guard or other bruxism product – there aren’t many sites or services that look to actively remove the problem their product addresses.

The product’s bitepad system is what really sets it apart from the pack. Not only is it a mold-free, boil-free process but it also offers the greatest chance of keeping your bite and mouth unchanged.

The system operates using:

  • A set of two bitepads that adjust to both the top and bottom molars.
  • Four positions for the bitepads to allow for a comfortable, customized fit. They adjust forward and backward to be the proper length while also swiveling and bending to match the angle of your bite.
  • The pads use a heat-sensitive band that sits between your lower lip and the teeth/gums to adjust to the natural warmth of your particular mouth.
  • No clasps to snap over your teeth. The system uses your body’s natural tissue retention between the lips, tongue and cheek to stay in place.

The company has recently moved from a three-model solution to now offering four different models that can meet your various grinding needs: Dura-Comfort, Secure-Comfort, Slim-Comfort, and Select.

The best way to choose the right mouth guard for you is to match the severity of your symptoms to the features of the guards.







The profiles for the guards are as follows:


This SleepRight guard is its answer for severe teeth grinders. The guard is thicker than other options and has tougher bitepads. The stability wings it uses are more flexible and will offer less rubbing on your upper gums to give you a good fit while remaining strong. The front band is designed to fit securely against your gums and slightly hug the teeth. This model works well if you grind but don’t otherwise move your mouth or head as you sleep. This is the model recommended for larger mouths.




This model has less material on your upper teeth so it fits better for users with smaller mouths. It can support severe teeth grinders, though users say that it may slide around too much if your teeth grinding falls into the severe category. The model aims to have little friction and interaction with your gums which makes it more comfortable but less stable.





This model uses the same slimmer materials as the Slim-Comfort line but has added stability wings on the upper teeth to help keep it in place throughout the night. This allows users with lighter bruxism or who move a lot during sleep to have the thinner model and get its benefits. If you are predominantly a clencher, this is your best bet.





This is the new guard from SleepRight and features more options to fit your mouth. It has the lowest profile so it can accommodate small to large mouths. The guard also adds in another position for each bitepad to help it best meet the location of your molars and the angle of your bite. SleepRight calls this its most affordable option as well.

Common Questions

  • How do I pick the right one?

The guards are best selected based on the size of your mouth and the level of your grinding. Smaller mouths should stick to the Slim and Secure options while larger mouths can use the Dura and Select models. If you move around as you sleep, the Secure and Dura are your best bets. The Dura and Select are also able to support severe teeth grinding. The Secure is the most-recommended guard for clenching problems.


  • Is there a warranty?

The company offers both a warranty on the guard as well as a money-back offer within the first 30 days after your purchase. Warranties range from 3 to 6 months.



  • Are the materials safe?

You’re not boiling the plastic so there’s less risk of harmful toxins being released into what you place in your mouth. The materials used are also free of BPA, latex, acrylic and other harmful toxins. The guard is FDA approved.


  • What is this used for?

The guards support different levels of bruxism (grinding) as well as teeth clenching. They can be used during the night or the day time.



  • How long do guards last?

The company doesn’t provide estimates of durability over time. Customers say they last between 3 months and a little over a year. Warranties typically cover the first 3 months of your use so they should last at least these 3 months.


  • Can children use it?

These guards are not recommended for children under the age of 18. The company recommends addressing and child’s teeth or grinding issues by consulting your dentist. The packaging also notes that these guards are a choking hazard for children under the age of 3.



   The Company is responsive and ships products very quickly.

   The wings help keep guards in place even with heavy grinding.
   Users like the way they can still breathe normally, even with the thicker guards.
   Most users report the device properly adjusts to their mouth.
   There’s no boil or bite setup to the guards.
   Works even over cracked or damaged teeth.
   You can drink water with the guard and talk without much interference.
   Easy to clean.



   Bitepads fall apart as early as six months.

   Guards without the wings tend to move around or fall out during sleep.
   Some users have found the cost to be equal to that of a dentist’s guard because of the need to replace pads often.
   You cannot buy replacement pads and must re-order the entire kit.
   Some users have bitten the lighter models into two pieces.
   Users with large mouths report that the guards slip out.
   Some users say it causes moderate to severe pain in their jaw.
   Pads can cut the inside of the mouth.


About the Maker

Splintek makes and sells oral care products such as its mouth guard, tooth picks, nasal breathing strips and special sleeping pillows to help your jaw. The company was founded in 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri. It uses its SleepRight brand as its customer-facing portal so you’ll need to look up that brand to find out any information on the company.

The company currently has less than 50 employees and focuses its products on the U.S. and Canada markets. It has patents for its mouth and nose technologies, and guarantees that its products are made in the U.S. Its SleepRight guards are sold over the counter but also have a prescription version that dentists can use.


Final Recommendation

Reviews of the guards are very mixed; people seem to either love them or hate them. It may be best to ask your dentists about this company or read reviews and see if others have similar mouths to yours. People with large mouths seem to have an issue with the guards falling out, while people with smaller mouths seem generally satisfied. Almost everyone is happy with the lack of boiling or molds, but severe grinders don’t find them to be a cost-effective replacement for dentist office guards because they can wear out after a small amount of time. The company itself is always talked about in a positive light in terms of replacements or customer service support.

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