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ProTeethGuard is a website that provides three different kinds of mouth guards that can help you alleviate suffering due to bruxism. The company offers a 110% money-back satisfaction guarantee and notes what you can save up to 70% off the cost compared to a dental night guard for teeth grinding.

The company also provides free shipping for anyone in the U.S. or Canada.

ProTeethGuard crafts professionally-made custom dental night guards in its own dental lab. The business operates a family-owned lab in San Diego County, California, so if you’re nearby you typically get your mouth guard a little earlier than normal. The lab is run by technicians with more than 20 years of experience.

ProTeethGuard says their product is better than what you can get elsewhere because:

  • It’s the same quality as what you get from your dentist. The lab not only makes your guard but it also makes guards, dentures, and crowns for dentist offices in nearby areas.
  • All guards are made from materials that are FDA-approved.
  • A 110% money-back guarantee. This is 110% of the purchase price so if you order from outside the U.S. and Canada you may not get a complete refund because of shipping costs.
  • “Perfect fit and comfort.” The company says that since it uses a night guard based on the impression you create it can create a completely comfortable guard that fits.

The guards are designed to protect your teeth against bruxism, or teeth grinding, that occurs during sleep. Bruxism is exacerbated by stress and worry, making it a common affliction in the modern day. Guards are meant to protect you from loss of tooth enamel, jaw muscles and joint (TMJ) pain, headaches, and tooth loss.


Product Features

ProTeethGuard offers four different kinds of mouth guards in order to accommodate different levels of nighttime grinding:

  1. Soft Night Guard – Light Grinding for $139.99.
  2. Hybrid Night Guard – Moderate Grinding for $159.99.
  3. Hard Night Guard – Heavy Grinding for $189.99.
  4. Ultra Thin Guard – Day Time Grinding for $139.99.

The different guards are each expected to last from anywhere between 6 months and 5 years based on how often you use them and how severe your bruxism is.

1. Soft Night Guard

The soft guard is for people who clench their teeth at night or for people with light to moderate teeth grinding.

The guard is made from a compact rubber that can flex with your mouth but still absorb the shock and pressure of grinding.


ProTeethGuard says each soft guard should last between 6 months and 2 years. Its soft materials acts as a better cushion for clenching compared to the other models offered by ProTeethGuard.


2. Hybrid Night Guard

ProTeethGuard’s hybrid night guard is its most popular model because it is sturdier than the soft guard but smaller and easier to use than the hard guard.


The hybrid guard is for users with moderate to heavy teeth grinding and will last between 1 and 3 years, according to the company. This features a two-layer design that uses a laminate material. The outside layer is rigid to absorb the pressure of your teeth grinding while the inside layer is soft so that your teeth are comfortable throughout the night.


3. Hard Night Guard

For heavy and severe teeth grinding, ProTeethGuard offers its hard night guard.


The durable material is thicker than all of its other guards and can support teeth grinding for between 2 and 5 years. The guard uses an acrylic plastic which is the dental material used for most office mouth guards.

4. For Day Time Grinding – Ultra Thin Guard

This ultra thin custom guard is ideal for day time teeth grinding.

It is thin and flexible, making it comfortable to wear and not very noticeable. You can also speak comfortably while wearing this mouth guard.


It is made from a thin layer of hard acrylic (approximately 1mm thick). The ultra thin guard may be used for approximately 6 months to 2 years, depending on the degree of teeth grinding.


How Molding Works

ProTeethGuard also differentiates itself by offering different guard sizes for men, women, and youths. You can also make a special request to get a guard for your bottom teeth instead of the standard top-teeth guard. After you select your guard and your size, you’ll make an order from ProTeethGuard’s website.

The company then sends you an impression kit to create the mold used to craft your mouth guard.

The impression kit will make copies of both your top and bottom teeth in order to get the best fit and not shift the way your mouth sits together at night.


Common Questions


  • What does the kit contain?

The impression kit will come with: three packages of impression putty – one is an extra in case of any problems; one tray to use on your lower teeth; two trays to use on your upper teeth – two different sizes so you can choose which is closer to your mouth; and a prepaid return envelope so you’re not paying to ship the putty back.

  • How do I use the kit?

The kit comes with detailed step-by-step directions that guide you through the entire process. You’ll need to process the putty, apply it to the correct tray, and take a big bite into the putty in order to make an impression of your teeth. It’s best to read the guide before you start and then read it again as you’re following the steps.


  • How does the order process work?

The order process is relatively straightforward. You’ll make your selection online and confirm your order. The kit will arrive in a little under one week and you’ll use its putty to create an impression of your teeth; this process takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Then, you’ll ship those impressions back in the prepaid envelope. Finally, you’ll receive your custom mouth guard in about 8 to 10 days after the company receives the impressions. The entire process takes roughly three weeks.


  • Does it fit children’s mouths?

Unlike some of its competitors, ProTeethGuard offers a specific version for younger users. This means that you’ll have a selection for your child when placing the initial order.


  • What if there is a mistake?

The company offers a satisfaction guarantee and will recreate your mold if there’s any problem. Consumers on the Web have indicated that the company will send out a replacement kit or will honor its 110% money-back guarantee. The company will work with you whether it was a mistake during the creation of the mold or if they made a mistake when crafting your unique mouth guard.




  The impression kit has simple directions with lots of pictures to help you along the way.
  The four different models allow you to pick something that’s close to your needs.
  Users report quick delivery and are happy with the free shipping option.
  It’s a professional dental lab that also creates other dental applications so the craft quality is high.
  There’s a 110% money-back guarantee that you can use if there is any issue with the mouth guard.

  The impression kit comes with an extra container of putty.

  The model requires upper and lower impressions so you get a great fit on the top and bottom of the guard.



  The company’s website doesn’t clearly define different levels of bruxism so you’ll have to decide for yourself what levels such as “moderate” mean.
  The stronger guards may cause your bite to shift or your teeth to feel like they don’t align up properly.
  Impressions may be flawed and this can be hard for you to determine beforehand; you may use a malformed guard without realizing it.
  In a recent interview, the company said this part of its business has low revenues and volume, so it may not be a high priority for the lab.

  Replacements seem to take a long time to arrive.

  Some users say their guards last well under a year.


About the Maker

ProTeethGuard is a family-owned dental lab in California and it has been serving dentists for more than 10 years in that area. The bruxism mouth guard business was started up as part of an MBA project during a Tropical MBA entrepreneurial retreat in the Philippines – the lab existing prior to this project.

The mouth guard business, launched in June 2012, sources all of its guards from the owner’s mother’s dental lab in California. The owner of the site, however, actually operates it from Shenzhen, China because he is in the process of developing another manufacturing business.

The company’s current goal is simply to replace the mouth guard you get from your dentist. It can offer the same quality for cheaper because it does not have to pay a dentist office’s fees related to the processing, shipping and verification of the guard.

Limited Promotion

Use the following coupon code to get a $10 discount – “TOP10GUARD”


Final Recommendation

This product is a definite win if you’re comfortable assessing your mouth guard needs. The company offers great selections and quality for its guards. If you don’t have a dentist or are unsure of how severe your bruxism is, you may be best served by visiting a dentist’s office first. Since the guards are custom-made and use both your top and lower teeth impressions, you’re sure to get a good fit. The company seems safe and secure, so this is likely money well spent.

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