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Packers hopes to help the 60 million adults impacted by bruxism with its line of Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors. These one-size-fits-all guards are made to be easy to use and very hygienic, only lasting 3 days so there’s no time for bacterial buildup.

The Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors are designed for both clenching and grinding, with molar plates designed to align to the contour of your mouth so teeth fit in groves and bite plates absorb your pressure. They’re designed for light to moderate pressure and grinding, so users with severe bruxism have said the products don’t stand up and don’t provide enough cushioning.

Packers says that grinding and clenching is often used as a coping mechanism and can create as much as 250 pounds of pressure on your teeth, and leaving this untreated can create irreversible damage to your teeth and jaw.

Reviews of this product are all over the map, so you’ll want to take your time and consider its features in order to determine if it is the right call for you. And while reviews might be all over the map, this product has more reviews available online than just about any other. It’s a popular brand, even if some users only try it once.



Product Features

The single type of Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors, sold in packs of 10, can be worn on both upper and lower teeth, whichever is more comfortable. The design keeps it away from your tongue so it’s less likely to start the gag reflex. The guards require no boiling or molding and are also packaged individually, further promoting good hygiene.

Each Grind-No-More Dental Night Protector lasts for just three days and features contoured bite plates to help keep it in place and prevent grinding as you sleep.

The product is relatively small but ultimately very straightforward. There’s no alternation needed and every single item is the same, so you’ll always know what you get. The company’s biggest selling points for its Grind-No-More Dental Night Protector are simplicity and cleanliness, and reviewers from all over the Web agree.

When looking across all reviews, the Plackers Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors are pretty average. They offer a baseline protection and good customer service but won’t stand up to major needs. Many users say they are a good way to test out guards in general and determine if their bruxism is light. For light grinding, if the guards fit they can be a great (and very affordable) option.



Common Questions

  • What signs of bruxism does the Grind-No-More Dental Night Protector help with?

The guard can help prevent further damage caused by bruxism. This can include worn tooth enamel, flattening of teeth shape, recessing gums, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain and face pain, and headaches.


  • Do the bite pads need to reach my back molars?

The pads don’t need to reach back that far to work or fit. They will help even if they are only near your back molars.



  • How long can I wear one?

Wear your Grind-No-More Dental Night Protector for up to 12 hours each night.



  • How do I care for my Grind-No-More Dental Night Protector?

Clean it with cold water or mouthwash after each use. Store your guard in a dry place to help keep it clean and bacteria-free.



  • When should the Grind-No-More Dental Night Protector be replaced??

Replace it at the first sign of wear or if it does not feel like it fits correctly. At most, use one guard for three days. Never reuse a guard that doesn’t fit or seems to cause any issue.

  • Are these safe for kids?

Typically, these guards are not for use by children. Get a dentist’s approval before use and always have them routinely check on your child when they are using Plackers Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors or any other night guard.





The product only offers one model, so you know what you’re getting.
It’s mold and boil-free so you don’t have to do any prep work to use it.
Guards are replaced every 2 to 3 days, so you run little risk of bacterial buildup or a dirty device.
The product is thin enough to talk or drink with.
The guards are very reasonably priced, making them a significant cost saver compared to the dentist.

Many users report that they can safely wear the guards for much longer than 3 days. If doing this, be sure to clean it properly.




They won’t stand up to heavy grinding or clenching.
They are too thin for some users, allowing grinding to still occur.
The products may be too large for some mouths and cannot be cut to resize.
Some users say the guards move around in their mouth during the night and may even fall out.



About the Maker

Plackers makes many other products beyond its Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors. The company started out with flossing devices and has lines designed specifically for adults and children. The company evolved into the bruxism arena to bank on its knowledge of protection and proper oral care.

It’s been around for more than 40 years and has very vocal supporters online with just a few critics of the company itself. Its presence in most major retailers speaks well of its reputation and the lack of legal action – which can be common for goods in major stores – is also a very positive sign for the brand and for the Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors.


Final Recommendation

The Plackers Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors is a great way to test out a mouth guard. They aren’t the sturdiest, so you’ll want to skip them if you’re a heavy grinder or clencher. That said, they are relatively cheap and clean, so it can be a good entrance into the market and a good way to judge your needs. The guards are also consistent, so there’s no surprise in what you’re going to get – having one product also means having no issue with the wrong shipment coming in. The Plackers Grind-No-More Dental Night Protectors are recommended for learning about your bruxism and discovering your overall need; it’s testing on a budget.

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