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GrindReliefN is an FDA-approved mouth guard that stops nighttime teeth grinding and prevents the damage of clenching as well. The proprietary guard comes in a compact size that’s about one-third of the size of the normal mouth guards and TMJ guards on the market.

The guard was developed by Dr. Joe Pelerin, who has been a practicing dentist for more than 30 years. He used his knowledge to develop the compact system that relies on a “Central Power Bar” to alleviate the stimulus for clenching and grinding. The bar attempts to prevent grinding by gently causing a nerve reflex that keeps the teeth from grinding. The nerve reaction helps with all levels of grinding.

According to Dr. Pelerin, problems associated with untreated grinding (bruxism) include:

  • permanent damage to your teeth,
  • loss of enamel,
  • loose dental fillings,
  • jaw and ear aches,
  • headaches,
  • chronic facial pain,
  • damaged or chipped teeth, and
  • potential loss of teeth.

The GrindReliefN can help relieve these symptoms at night as well as train your mouth to stop grinding in general. It can be a long-term solution for the pain and discomfort that bruxism causes.

The GrindReliefN is made typically for light to moderate teeth grinding and clenching, though some users with severe levels of bruxism have also said they can use the device.


Product Features

The product is designed to promote proper jaw alignment and spacing in sufferers of nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. Dr. Pelerin says many people may not be aware that their grinding is happening and simply put up with pain because they don’t know about the solutions available to them.

What’s at the center of Dr. Pelerin’s GrindReliefN is a patented, FDA-approved unique feature he calls the Central Power Bar. This is a small plastic bar that places the pressure of your bite on the teeth’s anterior midline. This pressure causes the jaw to naturally let up, reducing the propensity of people to clench by as much as 70%.

The Bar does not come in most mouth guards. This means that, because there is no method to relieve this stress, other guards may actually encourage grinding. The bar will help you get a restful sleep and potentially break the overall habit of clenching your teeth.

GrindReliefN differs from the traditional mouth guards, which Dr. Pelerin calls horseshoe guards, in its overall shape as well. The GrindReliefN only fits across the front 6 to 8 teeth on your lower jaw. This is because it is enough to place the Bar in the right spot and remain comfortable for the wearer.

The guard is made up of two layers: a hard outer layer that acts as a shock absorber and an inner layer made up of thermoplastic. The thermoplastic makeup allows the guard to be heated and fit directly to your teeth for a snug, comfortable mold. Thermoplastic also retains its shape and stays malleable so you can repeatedly adjust and reheat it without damaging the guard.

One big note about the guard is that you don’t want to boil it. To create your GrindReliefN from the kit provided, you’ll only be warming the water you use.

Steps for creation of your guard are:

  1. Fill a coffee mug halfway with water.
  2. Microwave the mug for 90 to 120 seconds; this should not bring it to a boil.
  3. Carefully placed the GrindReliefN into the mug.
  4. Keep the GrindReliefN in the water, with the smooth-shell side down, for two minutes or until the guard turns translucent.
  5. Take the GrindReliefN out of the water.
  6. Place the guard on your lower front teeth and use the Central Power Bar as a guide to center the device on your teeth.
  7. Press the device down lightly on your teeth.
  8. Bite down gently for 90 seconds and press the sides of the guard with your fingers.
  9. Remove your GrindReliefN and run it under cool tap water for 30 seconds.
  10. Put it back in your mouth and make sure it fits. Cut off any uncomfortable edges while still soft.

If you have an issue with it being too tight, you can simply reheat the guard and try again. Because of this temperature malleability, however, make sure you don’t store it in any excessively hot rooms.


Common Questions

  • Who should not use a GrindReliefN?

The GrindReliefN is not approved for use by anyone under the age of 12. You should also no use the device if you are missing any of your six front teeth or if you have severe spacing between your teeth or gums. If your teeth overlap it may also not be a good product for you. Finally, GrindReliefN does not work with lower dentures or braces.

  • Is it safe?

Both the claims made about the Central Power Bar and the materials used to make the GrindReliefN are FDA approved.



  • How do I care for my GrindReliefN?

You can clean it with toothpaste and your toothbrush but be careful not to expose it to very hot water. You should also soak it in hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes at least once a week. Be sure to rinse it off after this soak.


  • How long can I wear my GrindReliefN?

You can wear the device for up to 12 hours, but it isn’t recommended to wear it any longer. You shouldn’t wear it while eating or drinking.



  • What if my GrindReliefN is too tight or too loose?

The best fix is to reheat your device and try to mold it again to better fit your teeth. Remember, don’t have the device in your cup when you heat it up. Also, don’t boil the water and be careful when you take the GrindReliefN out of its hot water.


  • Is there a guarantee?

The company offers a 3-year wear guarantee.




   The company seems very trustworthy. It is upfront about who should not use its product and about the realistic limitations of the relief its product can provide.
   The company offers many promotions such as a $10 rebate if you write a review on Facebook.
   Users say it has helped them break grinding and clenching habits even while waking.
The device has helped some get rid of jaw and neck pain; they even report waking up feeling more rested.
   Both the product and Dr. Pelerin’s practice have numerous positive reviews online.
   The Central Power Bar design can keep you from grinding by causing your muscles to contract. This can remove the overall impulse to grind or clench, even when awake.
   The device can be reheated as often as you need.



   There are a lot of restrictions as to who can use the device.
   During the molding process, the device can lock on to your teeth if you have spacing or crowded teeth; this requires a professional to remove the device. This is one reason you must agree to not having these issue when you order the device.
   Some users report that the remolding process can be tough.
   Even some users without gaps or crowding report that the guard can be uncomfortable.
   The length of time each guard works seems to vary greatly depending on the user.


About the Maker

Dr. Joe Pelerin is an active dentist in the Auburn Hills, Michigan area, with a practice that focuses on dental appliances such as the GrindReliefN and others that address snoring and sleep apnea. He offers a lot of straightforward advice on his business website as well as his GrindReliefN website. Dr. Pelerin has been an active dentist for more than 30 years and has a good reputation online. His products are very straightforward about how they help and who they do (and don’t) work for.

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Final Recommendation

If you don’t have any of the issues that GrindReliefN says can cause a problem, it looks like a great solution for bruxism. The guard is straightforward and allows you to remold it until you get the fit just right. It has a lot of positive reviews and a lot of trust online. The list of issues that can cause GrindReliefN not to work properly are fairly long and specific, so you should definitely watch all of Dr. Pelerin’s videos and read all of the warning before ordering the product. The Central Power Bar design is one-of-a-kind and provides great relief if you can use it. Click Here to Enter

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