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Medtech estimates that grinding your teeth at night can put up to 200 lbs. of pressure on your teeth and jaw, causing some serious damage over time.

This grinding, called bruxism, can cause:

  • Discomfort.
  • Soreness.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Cracked enamel or fillings.
  • Tooth fractures.
  • Changes to the shape of your face.
  • Tooth loss.
  • Gum recession.

Grinding has a wide range of causes, so Medtech estimates that between 50% and 95% of the population will grind their teeth during their life. This epidemic has caused the company to create “The Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector,” called NightGuard for short.

The NightGuard mouth guard was designed by a dentist who felt current devices didn’t balance comfort, protection and cost. This led to the development of NightGuard, which creates a one-of-a-kind moldable guard that can be worn at night or during the day.

Medtech promises that the guard is thin enough to be comfortable as you sleep and flexible to accommodate sleeping in multiple positions.


Product Features

Medtech offers a single version of its NightGuard.

The patented design includes enough molding space to fit most mouths with a single form. It promises deeper channels than other leading mouth guard brands, giving you a more-secure fit that covers your molars. It also uses a harder, smooth base that delivers months of protection from grinding while also preventing bite-through.








The device uses a two-layer system:

  • The top layer provides cushion to the teeth and gums to act as a shock and impact absorber.
  • The bottom layer is firm and aims to stop the damage from grinding, potentially stopping the grinding itself.

Medtech has enough faith in the product to offer a “comfort, fit and protection” guarantee. The device is made to fit on your upper teeth and thus has straightforward directions for its custom construction.



To make the device you’ll need to first boil the mold in water for one minute with its channel side down. After that, remove it from the boiling water and let it sit for just 20 seconds. Next, bring the device up to your teeth and put your front teeth as close to the protector’s front as possible. Wait 20 seconds and then bite down until you feel the tough bottom layer. Close your mouth and suck inward as hard as you can; hold it and press the guard against your teeth. After 30 seconds your device is ready and you can use a knife to cut off any excess that extends past your molars.

This process can be repeated once if you don’t get it quite right on the first try. The second time around you’ll only need to boil it for roughly 20 seconds.


Common Questions

From both the device maker and reviews around the Web, answers to some of the most common questions about the NightGuard include:

  • How do I store it?

The device comes with its own container and it should be used. The company also recommends keeping it away from temperatures below 32° F or above 100° F.


  • How do I clean it?

Medtech recommends you use a denture cleaner in order to clean the device and eliminate any smells. It should not be set in denture cleaners for more than 15 minutes, however, and needs to be rinsed off before you put it back in your mouth.


  • Can I remold it?

You get one more shot after the first attempt to remold it. Simply boil it for 20 seconds and then follow the instructions in the package. Reviewers say they’ve successfully remolded it up to two times, but some who have done it say the guard becomes unusable. The company recommends only remolding it once.


  • It is too big for a child?

Reviewers say that the mold is too big for children under age 12 but parents of teenagers say the device has worked for their children.


  • What is the lifetime of each guard?

This largely depends on your level of bruxism. A NightGuard will last you, on average, between 3 months (severe bruxism) and 10 months (light bruxism).


  • Does it stop snoring?

The device is not designed to stop snoring. Most users report that they still snore, with a handful saying the device causes additional snoring. A small group of users say it has reduced or stopped their snoring.


  • Do they have another size?

The device only comes in one size. The mold has extra space to fit larger mouths, but all excess can be cut off once you mold the product. However, if the initial device is too small, there is no larger option to fit your mouth.



   It will fit great if you have a small mouth.
   It’s a much cheaper option than the dentist.
   Users happy with the fit say it provides more protection than comparable products.
   For most the directions are straightforward and easy to follow.
   Highly recommended by consumers who clench their teeth more than they grind their teeth.
   Shipping is very fast.

   Works with missing teeth and caps.



   It does not protect against TMJ disorders and should not be worn by sufferers. The product isn’t necessarily clear on this. Information is only provided on the box’s fine print, not the company’s site.
   The device tends to be too small for large adult mouths. Some reviewers who say they have “normal” sized mouths also said it wasn’t big enough for them.
   A little more than 50% of online reviewers are not happy with the fit it provides.
   It lasts around 3 months on average, which is a little on the low side.
   The guard can get chewy after a few weeks.

   It keeps some users with small mouths from being able to close their mouth as they sleep.

   Some users report issues with the packaging such as damage to the box or hairs on the guard.


About the Maker

Medtech Products Inc. is part of the larger Prestige Brands Inc., a maker of personal home care and cleaning products. In addition to these NightGuards, Prestige Brands also owns and makes Dramamine, Clear Eyes and Comet.

The company’s line of health products covers your teeth, feet, dandruff, sunburns and even insect bites. The company was initially established in 1955 as Medtech Laboratories.

The company has a mixed health record, though most products perform very well. The company has had issues with some of its personal care items, such as its “Murine Ear Drops for Earache Relief,” which the Food and Drug Administration said, in September 2013, is improperly labeled and must be treated as a prescription drug.


Final Recommendation

The product seems like a good recommendation for someone with a medium to small-sized mouth. If you have a large mouth it does not seem like a good fit. Its price is around average and its customer ratings are mixed, so you’ll either love it or hate it. The company says comfort and protection are “guaranteed” but does not provide any information on the guarantee online. Do not purchase it if you suffer from a TMJ disorder since buyers say the packaging specifically states it is not made to help treat TMJ issues; unfortunately that warning can’t be found on its site’s product details.

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4 Responses to “Doctor’s Night Guard Full Review

  1. By: catherine lombard-nixon
    Date: July 9, 2015 at 8:11 pm
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Ease of Molding
    Customer Support

    I have repeatedly tried to fit this to my mouth, with no success. Every time I mold and re-mold it to my teeth, the minute I open my mouth it falls out of place. Paid $32.97 plus sales tax here in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Canada. Am very disappointed with this product! I have tried twice to get help on the toll free line with no success. Last time I left my name and phone number on the voice mail, but no one has returned my call! :(

  2. By: Sophi Fletcher
    Date: November 9, 2015 at 4:44 am
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Ease of Molding
    Customer Support Not Rated

    This is the first night guard I have tried, after my dentist insisted it was that or crowns! I am not impressed with this device AT ALL. The plastic is thick, hard, and there is so much on the sides towards the back that it makes my cheeks stick out! I heated it and shaped it twice, with no improvement. I find it makes me chomp my teeth together, like a horse with a bit in its mouth. I have not attempted to sleep with it, as I can hardly bear to have it in my mouth more than 10 minutes at a time. I paid nearly $30 for it at my local pharmacy, and they don’t take returns. I suspect I am out the money, based on the “guarantee” on the box that says “guaranteed fit, or we send you another” but nothing about your money.

    • By: Sophi Fletcher
      Date: November 9, 2015 at 10:05 pm
      Overall Rating
      Value for Money
      Ease of Molding
      Customer Support

      I have to give the customer service dept. 5 stars–I got through on the first call, and after they took some information from me, as to where to send the refund check, they gave me an email address and a reference number, and told me to take a picture of the receipt and send it. Boom.

  3. By: Barry
    Date: April 25, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    I have had several dental guards over the years and this is by far the easiest to mold and wear. Highly recommend.

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