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Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit is a company that works with dental labs to create dentist office-quality custom mouth guards based on impressions of your teeth.

The company already works with dentist offices but has decided to cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you.

The company uses only FDA-approved dental labs and advises customers to seek the advice of a dentist after they receive their mouth guard. The company will even provide information on affiliated dentists closest to your home; the information comes with the final guard shipped to your home.

Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit offers a single mouth guard product to help you combat bruxism, grinding and clenching. The company also offers a sports mouthpiece, but this is designed more to protect from impacts than to protect from internal pressure and damage due to your own jaw.

Customers on the company website are generally happy with the guard, though there are few reviews outside of the site so a wider impression can’t be reached.

The company’s bleaching trays and other dental products, however, do have good reviews elsewhere on the Internet.

You have 30 days, from the date your mouth guard is shipped to you, to return it unbroken for a free adjustment or a 50% refund of your total cost.



Product Features

Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit offers a single mouth guard to protect your teeth and jaw from clenching and grinding: the ITA-1101 Custom Comfort NiteGard.

The Custom Comfort NiteGard is a dual-layer mouth guard that features a clear, soft layer that rests on your teeth and a hard acrylic plastic layer that sits between the contact points of your teeth. The company uses what is calls an “Advanced Dual-Laminate” bonded polymer that was invented in 2009.  The guard is roughly 3mm thick and is “more durable than the standard soft laminate night guards but just as comfortable,” according to the company.

The Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit company says that guards it sells to consumers are the same as those it sells to dentist offices and are thus more durable and better fitting than the boil-and-bite guards commonly found in stores.

The guard will comfortably fit on either the upper or lower teeth – you design it for a specific row and it will work only with that row – and can be worn both overnight and during the day.

The company says that the night guard is creates for you can be used to:

  • Stop grinding;
  • Protect teeth and dental work from damage caused by clenching and grinding;
  • Avoid chipping and loosening of the teeth;
  • Reduce discomfort;
  • Reduce headaches;
  • Reduce stress;
  • Reduce tension;
  • Improve breathing;
  • Improve posture; and
  • (potentially) reduce snoring.

To get your mouth guard from Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit, you’ll first need to order it from the company’s online store; you’ll receive an email invoice for the sale. The company will provide another email with your tracking number when the device is shipping on the next business day.

After that, make an impression of your teeth with the provided impression kit. Return the impression in the prepaid priority shipping box that comes with the kit. Once you ship this off, wait for the company to email you and notify you when it has received the device. You will be billed when the company receives your impression.

In less than 10 business days the company will make your device and ship it to you, emailing you to let you know the guard is on its way and providing a tracking number for your purposes.


The company offers an easy 10-step process to create your custom mouth guard with its impression kit. The steps are:

  • Step 1 – Take the impression trays out of the kit and select the upper or lower tray.  The upper tray is solid across the top; the lower tray is horseshoe shaped. The following directions are for making an upper-teeth mouth guard; to make a lower-teeth guard substitute the lower guard in the directions below and make upper-to-lower adjustments such as using your lower lip in Step 6.
  • Step 2 – Take the upper tray and fit it over your teeth in the center of the tray; make sure you see how it feels and fits. Remove it from your mouth and set it aside.
  • Step 3 – Open two sets of the purple and white impression putty.
  • Step 4 – Knead the pieces of putty together for one minute with your fingers. The colors will blend together.
  • Step 5 – Roll the putty the shape of a small finger or log. Load the putty into the upper tray and spread the putty evenly. Fill the tray from edge to edge with your fingertips.
  • Step 6 – Place the tray over the center of your teeth and use your fingers gently push and press the tray all the way up over your teeth. The company says the most common mistake pushing the tray too far into the mouth so that the front teeth are not in the center arch of the tray. Allow your upper lip to rest over the top of the tray.
  • Step 7 – Let the putty sit on your teeth for 4 minutes and harden.
  • Step 8 – Open your mouth and pull straight down to remove tray from teeth. Now pull tray forward to remove it from your mouth.
  • Step 9 – Place the impression tray and putty into the plastic bag provided. Do not remove putty from the tray or seal the plastic bag.
  • Step 10 – Return the impression to the company using the prepaid priority box along. You’ll need to send the disclaimer back as well.

The company’s website offers visuals for the creation as well as a visual guide to correct and incorrect impressions. These can offer a good clue if your attempt was a success.


Common Questions

  • Is it really simple to take my own impressions at home?

As long as you follow the step-by-step instructions you’ll be good to go. The kits are designed to be simple and provide a lot different resources to help you properly create the impression.


  • How long does it take to get the night guards back?

It takes about 5 working days to create each custom mouth guard and another two to three business days to ship them; so all-in-all the company expects the process to take about 10 business days to complete your order and get it back to you.


  • What if my guard doesn’t fit?

The company provides a “re-do” kit for $12 and you’ll also need to pay for the shipping during each step; roughly another $18. The company will create the new guard and get it back to you in the same amount of time.


  • Can I talk with this night guard in my mouth?

The custom guards are not bulky so you should be fine talking with the device in your mouth. The guard should not restrict your tongue and are designed to be worn during the day so there shouldn’t be any problem speaking.


  • How long can I wear my NiteGard?

You can wear it for up to 12 hours each day.


  • Can I wear the NiteGard night guard during the day?

The company says many of its customers wear the guard during the day, especially during stressful times or times of the day when they notice they feel tense.




The company uses FDA-certified labs.
You’re saving hundreds of dollars compared to going to the dentist.
The process is relatively easy and most customers are satisfied with the products they get.
The guards are very comfortable but still provide greater support than off-the-shelf devices.




Few reviews online so it’s hard to verify claims.
Refund policy is worse than competitors. It uses the shipment date to start its 30-day return window and will only, at most, return 50% of the cost you paid.
If there is a problem with the impression, you’ll end up paying $30 for another impression kit and its shipping.
The molding process can be difficult.

The kit is not available for Texas customers.



About the Maker

A large part of the Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit company’s business is creating additional customers for their affiliated dentists. This creates an additional revenue stream for dentists.

The dentists that work with the Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit company also refer patients to the company when they need mouth guards created. The dentists are paid a commission on each referral that leads to a sale; roughly 20% of all sales.

Many online services do this but the Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit company is one of the few that provides a very detailed explanation of its process. This forthrightness may be off-putting for some, but it makes sense for the Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit business. It also means that mouth guards are likely the main focus of the Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit revenue, so the company will have invested a lot in its ability to deliver quality dental devices.


Final Recommendation

The guards seem well-made and the company has a good reputation for its sports guards as well. The downsides may outweigh the benefit, however, with a very limited return policy and the fact that it’s “re-do” kit costs around $30. Since some users say the molding process was difficult, this may be a good fit for someone who has experience with this type of guard; it is likely a bigger investment than it initially appears for someone new to the custom-molded mouth guard experience.

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    I’ve had a nightmare with my health it seems most dental materials start to give me a problem I lost my front tooth and had a few different bridges all of which I’m sensitive too , now my last dentist had made me a temporary out of just composite I ended up using that as the permanent I became sensitive to. The temp I guess is better cause I take it out at night even leave it out if not out in public as I’m even a bit sensitive with that but due to the fact I take it out alot I’m better with that , will now that I moved I can not find a dentist to make me a temporary its a shame they could careless about my health but will not make me a temp even though I’m willing to pay for it unless I get a permanent to follow which I know will not be compatible. Anyway my question is could I just get the composite material my self and a tray and make the temp. bridge myself ? I may get a partial later but may be a problem since the one tooth is shave down so for now would love to just make myself a temporary like I had so I don’t look ridiculous with no front tooth

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