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Archtek makes a boil-and-bite mouth guard that comes in a mirrored package to give you the feel of luxury while protecting your teeth. The Archtek Grind Guard  and clamshell package come with the same type of guard in each package but differ on the amount of guards per box and whether or not they have been given a mint flavoring.

The product uses the thermoform process and has its own “Form-Fit” technology that lets you create a strong, snug dental guard with just boiling water for eight seconds. The guard aims to be very hygienic and the company also recommends you use it just for your upper teeth.

The guard, which packaging says is latex and silicon free, has overall positive reviews on Amazon and other sites. The guard seems to work well and provide a lot of relief, but customers warn that you’ll need to follow the molding instructions very carefully. They also note that it does not provide as much relief as harder acrylic guards but it does come at a greatly reduced cost compared to those guards.



Product Features

Archtek offers three different packaging options for its series of Grind Guard mouth guards, but they all contain the same guard essentially. The differences in the packaging concern the quantity of the guards and whether or not you select the mint flavoring that makes the guard a little more palatable.

The mint option is to help reduce the prevalence of “morning breath.”

Each package comes with a single three-inch mirror cosmetic case to help you with the boiling and fitting process as well as to install and care for your guard. The company says its guard has a Form fit technology that allows for more precise molding than common thermoformed mouth guards.

Each Archtek Grind Guard  is guaranteed to be free of BPA, PVC and Latex, with no present Phthalates. All are used for relief from symptoms associated with the nightly grinding and clenching of teeth.

According to Archtek, its Grind Guards have been clinically proven to be just as effective as the acrylic splints and mouth guards provided by dental labs. Customer reviews are fifty-fifty on this issue, with some saying that the guards do not last as long as their acrylic guards and other customers saying they have not used acrylic guards because the Archtek Grind Guard provides all the protection and relief they needed.

For best results, the company and its customers say you should review the instructions entirely before you start the molding process. It also recommends that you put the mouth piece in your mouth and practicing sucking the air and saliva out of the mold – this must be done during the forming process and has been difficult for some customers. All in all, the process is very time sensitive.

To create your Archtek Grind Guard, follow these steps:

  • Bring four inches of water to boil in a cup, bowl or pot.
  • Once boiling, remove the water from the heat source and let it sit for a minute or two to cool down.
  • Grab the Archtek Grind Guard by the triangle tab and hold it in the water. Make sure to leave it in the water and wave it around for no more than 20 seconds. Some users have said this should only be for about seven or eight seconds.
  • The guard will become clearer and softer as you move it around.
  • Pull the guard out of the water and place it on your mouth, fitting it to your top teeth. Press the guard to your teeth without biting down.
  • Suck all of the air, saliva and water out of the guard. Provide as much suction as possible.
  • Hold it as tightly as possible to your teeth and press with your fingers and tongue.
  • Remove the guard after 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Rinse it under cold water.
  • You can cut of excess length or dull sharp corners after it cools.

The company says that the guard can be reformed if it does not properly fit right, but you’ll want to make sure you’re not overheating it if you try to reform it.


Common Questions

  • How long do guards last?

The staying power of the guards depends on your level of grinding and clenching. Some customers report that each guard lasts for a few weeks while others have used a two-pack for roughly one year. Clenchers seem to go through the guard the fastest and find them the least helpful.


  • Is there any guarantee?

Archtek guarantees 100% satisfaction with any items it sells. The company accepts returns for exchanges or refunds within 15 days of receipt. Contact them before shipping any products back for a refund because they have an approval process you must first go through over the phone or by email. Shipping charges are not refundable.


  • Is this designed for use during the day or during activities?

The guard can be worn during the daytime but it is not designed to provide protection during sports or other activities. Guards for grinding focus on passing between the teeth in order to prevent slow contact and do not offer much support for sudden impacts or damage to the front or side of the jaw.


  • Can it be worn over braces?

This should be discussed with your dentist. Some guards can be molded properly over braces but others can get stuck on braces or retainers. Your dentist should be able to provide you with clarity on how to properly mold your guard to prevent any damage to your existing dental appliances.


  • Can this be used for lower teeth?

While it is designed for the upper teeth, some users have reported successfully using it to create a guard for their bottom teeth. The company doesn’t make any guarantee that the Archtek Grind Guard will work just as well (or even properly) on the bottom teeth compared to the top teeth.

  • Is this safe for use by children??

Typically, no. Always check with a dentist when looking for a solution for children and anyone under the age of 18. Since youths’ teeth are in flux and their jaws are still growing, guards can cause problems unless properly fit and monitored. It is always best to check with before creating any guard for a child.




Very cheap and relatively quick to create.
Offers great relief for light to moderate teeth grinders.
Slim fit that few find bulky.
People with smaller mouths say the guards are a good length and fit.
Some users say it reduced their snoring.

Thin material that is stronger than other over-the-counter boil guards.

The case lets it dry during the day thanks to ventilation slats.




Instructions on the molding process are not clear. The package says to let it sit in water for 20 seconds while other instructions say just 7 seconds. This has caused many problems for customers trying to mold their first guard.
The guard can melt if you don’t let the water cool off enough before you put the guard in.
People who clench their teeth say the guard is not fit for their needs.
Not as strong as an acrylic guard.

It does not prevent all grinding and some people say they still grind a little during their sleep.



About the Maker

Archtek, Inc. designs and manufactures oral care products with a focus on making them innovative, functional and attractive. The company offers a wide range of products, from night guards to bruxism splints and a whole host of bleaching tools. The company markets to both consumers and dental labs, developing goods as well as the processes to make them.

Archtek has been making mouth guards since 1992 and has made several commitments to environmental safety and sustainability, which customers appreciate. The goods often use recycled materials (for cases, typically not the guards themselves) and also aim to look classy. The company wants its guard cases to be confused for other items so customers don’t feel self-conscious about having a dental appliance.


Final Recommendation

For a boil-and-bite system, the Archtek Grind Guard is a pretty good choice. It comes from a company that has been making such guards for more than 20 years and has a mostly positive review online. The boiling process is tricky so it’s best to order a pack that contains more than one guard (these packs are still relatively cheap). The mint flavor is a good addition for many, though some report it makes it easier to sleep with but does not improve their morning breath.

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